Candida Infection

Candida infection is a discomforting and often times painful health condition. Unfortunately, anyone can be inflicted by this especially when the Candida albicans is triggered by particular factors.

Why does this condition occur?

Candida InfectionCandida infection occurs when a person's immune system is not strong enough to fight the bacteria. Eating habits and lifestyle are always determining factors when one is being diagnosed for any type of disease. It is also possible for the disease to occur due to genetic factors. As with any disease, this condition can be eliminated using medications and natural cures. But most of the time, people who are after permanent cures go holistic or natural to ensure that the treatment will work effectively.

The holistic and natural methods to cure Candida infection target the immune system and external symptoms simultaneously. Treating this condition the holistic way is more preferable since it offers safe and long-lasting results.

Natural and holistic methods of curing Candida infection

  1. Apple cider vinegar - kills bad bacteria and can be used as feminine wash by mixing it with warm water to relieve itching and burning sensation
  2. Garlic - as a topical solution [i.e. topical rub] and as dietary supplement [i.e. raw, chopped or whole clove]; it is also considered as an anti-fungal treatment
  3. Tea tree oil - is a good relief for Candidiasis or yeast infection; it can be used with a tampon to relieve the itchiness and burning sensation in a woman's vaginal area
  4. Plain, unsweetened yoghurt - contains probiotics or good bacteria that are good for the intestines as well as for curing Candidiasis; it helps improve the immune system by promoting probiotics and by fighting off the bad bacteria that cause Candidiasis; it can be used as: a topical treatment [i.e. vaginal wash or douche, and/or topical cream] and as a dietary supplement [to improve the immune system and in support of the topical treatment]

Improving your condition holistically needs more than just natural ingredients that can be used as topical reliefs and dietary supplements. When we say holistic approach, it involves all aspects of well-being such as the body and mind. When dealing with Candidiasis, it is important to approach it both ways in order to support the immune system as well as to improve the physical symptoms of the disease.

Other medications normally target the symptoms alone, making the body react in either positive or negative ways. If you prefer holistic and natural ways, you should prepare your body and mind in order to accomplish a lasting relief.

You need to upgrade your eating habits and lifestyle in order to achieve a Candidiasis-free living. That is to cut down triggering factors in your diet and lifestyle to prevent the disease to occur. Eliminate sugars, yeast, dairy and carbs from your diet while you are curing the symptoms in order for you to see the effects. Keeping yourself clean and dry also help in the process.

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