Candida Infections

No one wants to have Candida infections. They are itchy, irritating and painful if severe. The bad thing about this condition is that everyone can be inflicted by it given the right conditions for the Candida albicans to grow and thrive.

So why does Candida albicans grow on specific areas of the body?

Candida InfectionsFirstly, if you'll take a general look at diseases, they usually attack when the body's immune system is defenseless. The type of disease that strikes will depend on every person's situation. In the case of dreaded diseases, a person's genetic make-up plays an important role particularly if he/she is direct descendant of a family member who had a specific health condition [i.e. cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, etc.]. Other factors such as environment, food, vices and lifestyle can also affect the individual's risk levels to diseases.

In the case of Candida infections, a person's immune system, eating habits and lifestyle are determining factors. It is also possible that the person inflicted got the disease due to genetic factors. But there is always a possibility to eliminate this condition for good with a holistic approach.

The holistic way to treat Candida infections is to target the immune system while curing the external symptoms. Curing Candida the natural way is more preferable especially when you are looking for safe and long-lasting reliefs.

Natural cures

  1. Yoghurt [unflavored, unsweetened kind] is good for the health particularly for the intestines since it is rich in probiotics or good bacteria. It rids the body of bad bacteria by fighting it off and improving the immune system. This food product is a good source of probiotics that can kill the bad bacteria including Candida albicans. It can cure it two-way: as a topical treatment [i.e. vaginal wash/douche, topical cream] and as a supplement [eaten on a regular basis to support the topical relief].
  2. Apple cider vinegar is a bad bacteria killer. You can use it to wash the infected area by mixing it with warm water. This can relieve the itchiness and burning.
  3. Garlic can also be used two-way: as a topical solution [i.e. by rubbing it on the infected area to relieve itchiness] and by ingesting it [chopped raw garlic followed by water]. Garlic is also considered as an anti-fungal.
  4. Tea tree oil is good for skin conditions particularly the sensitive type. But it is also a good relief for Candidiasis. Use it to coat your tampon if you have vaginal yeast infection to relieve the itchiness and burning in the vaginal area.

These are supplementary cures that can improve your Candidiasis. You still need to change and upgrade your diet and lifestyle in order to boost your immune system. By eliminating sugars, carbs and yeast in your diet, you can hasten your recovery from this disease, thereby allowing these cures to work properly and efficiently

With other medications, the symptoms are the only ones commonly targeted which allows the possibility of recurrence. As for antibiotics and anti-fungal medications, they too can cure Candida infections but not the root cause of the disease. They usually alleviate and relieve the symptoms from the surface and not from within which makes it possible for the disease to come back after the medications have worn off.

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