Candida Treatment

Seeking for Candida treatment is the best thing to do once you are inflicted with this condition. Yeast infection or Candidiasis doesn't occur without a cause as it always has a deep-seated triggering factor within one's system.

Some of the sufferers choose a holistic approach when curing their yeast infection or Candida because of the fear of side-effects, high prices of medicines and/or due to personal preferences. Women who have tried and tested the effects of medications may go all-natural or holistic because the effects of most medications are not permanent. In many cases, chemical-based Candidiasis treatments only cure the surface or the symptoms that's why the cases of recurrences are not new with this disease.

Why many women are going for holistic Candida treatment

Candida TreatmentsPrescription medications like antibiotics in the form of tablets, capsules or creams can work, but only to a certain period and not entirely curing the root cause. Anti-fungal creams can also relieve the symptoms, but not necessarily get rid of the yeast bacteria. With these facts, many women are changing their Candida treatment to natural and holistic ways to help improve their systems to fight off the bacteria for good.

Natural methods always include systematic and symptomatic approaches to ensure that the treatment will work from the inside and out.

A systematic approach to cure Candidiasis targets the immune system. There is no need for medication in this case because the patient can do this and should maintain the healthy practices required by this cure. It usually involves cleansing the body by getting rid of unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Having a clean living and Candidiasis-friendly diet calls for foods that do not have sugars, carbs, yeast, alcohol and other triggering substances.

Proper hygiene is always a must if you want to keep your system strong and able to fight off the bad elements such as yeast bacteria and other diseases. Keeping yourself dry is also important since yeast thrives in moist and warm areas.

The symptomatic approach to cure Candidiasis targets the symptoms that are visibly seen from the outside. These include natural and chemical-free treatments that are readily-available at home or in the grocery.

  1. Apple cider vinegar - use as vaginal wash by diluting it in warm water; use it regularly to kill the yeast bacteria
  2. Garlic - one of the natural treatments for Candidiasis; either as a dietary supplement or topical relief [vaginal rub or tampon]
  3. Grapefruit Seed Extract or GSE - considered as an anti-bacterial; can be used as vaginal wash or for rinsing clothes to get rid of bacteria
  4. Probiotics are also known as good bacteria - food products such as yoghurt have high contents of probiotics which kill bad bacteria without harming the good ones that are present in the body; plain, unsweetened yoghurt is advisable to take everyday to promote more good bacteria in your system and you can also use it as a vaginal wash/douche or as topical relief cream
  5. Oregano oil - like garlic, it is also considered as anti-fungal; can be used as topical relief and/or as medicine

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