Candidiasis Treatment

Candidiasis is no joke particularly for women who suffer vaginal yeast infection. This condition can also be hazardous to one's health if not treated early on. In the case of women, it has an itchy and burning sensation and sometimes even painful. If you are a woman and if you suffer yeast infection, you need to seek Candidiasis treatment right away. This condition is also debilitating in severe cases. It is also painful to have intercourse with one's partner and it can also transmit to one's partner if not treated.

Candidiasis TreatmentWomen who are suffering vaginal yeast infection would often wonder why this condition occurs and why there are cases of recurrence. It all boils down to the Candida albicans that are present in the body. When the naturally-occurring yeast bacteria in the human body are triggered by certain factors, they can become over-active; hence will over-produce causing infection on the areas that are susceptible.

A woman's vagina is a favorable area where bacteria and fungi can proliferate since it is naturally moist and warm. If you are a woman and suffering Candidiasis, treatment is always a necessity to alleviate the discomfort. But you also need to understand that Candidiasis treatment shouldn't just rely on alleviating the symptoms.

In choosing the best treatment, you should look for one that offers a two-way action. Most of the time medications cannot meet these 2 necessities; usually it is only the symptoms that get most of the benefits of medicines. The ideal Candidiasis treatment should work systematically from within and from the surface to ensure fast and permanent recovery. But most medications fail to address these two important things that sufferers look for.

Holistic vs. Prescription

With millions of cases of Candidiasis all over the world, many people are looking for ways and experimenting with natural ingredients and the best practices to alleviate, eradicate and maintain a Candidiasis-free life. It's a fact that almost 80% of the population can get Candidiasis sometime in their life due to many triggering factors and unheard-of treatments.

As mentioned earlier, prescription medicines mostly treat the surface of the disease and not the root cause. Even if you stick with the medication without making any lifestyle and dietary changes, the results can only last a few months. Recurrence is possible and often harder to cure. Side effects can also strike and affect the curing process.

With holistic treatment, it is a sure and steady way of treating the Candidiasis from inside and out. Discipline is important to maintain since you need to make changes in your overall health condition to improve your immune system so you'll be resistant to yeast infections and other possible diseases.

Natural cures such as yoghurt [probiotics], apple cider vinegar [relief for symptoms], garlic [anti-fungal] and tea tree oil [relief for symptoms] are readily-available and cheap compared to medicines. Using these natural cures can alleviate the pain, itchiness, and discomfort from the outside. You may also include them in your diet to support your curing process. Yoghurt [unsweetened and unflavored] and garlic [chopped and raw] can be eaten aside from using them as topical relief.

You should avoid dairy, sugars, carbs, alcohol and yeast-rich foods [i.e. breads] since these ingredients feed the Candida. Proper hygiene is also very important to help hasten the healing process.

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