Cure Candidiasis

Many women are looking for treatments, fast solutions and reliefs for yeast infection. There are over-the-counter medicines and home cures as well. But it's been observed that most prescription medications do nothing but relieve the symptoms and not the root cause. Masking the surface won't cure Candidiasis; it takes a holistic approach to eliminate the symptoms while curing the root cause.

While some women patients look for the best medication, topical creams and vaginal douches, others are looking into their kitchen pantry to cure Candidiasis. It is advisable, though, for those who have other medical problems to consult their doctors before taking any form of cure to prevent more problems. Also, it is good practice to research for information prior to testing any cure available.

Why conventional medicines only work temporarily

Cure CandidiasisAs mentioned earlier, medicines or prescription drugs may work but only from the surface. They may alleviate the yeast infection but not totally cure the root cause. Medicines such as antibiotics, creams and antifungal can help but only temporarily. If you'll look from the surface and cure it, you may be able to eliminate the symptoms and relieve the itching and burning. But most of the time these symptoms come back, and the worst part is they can be more persistent.

With antibiotics, it is advisable not to always rely on these drugs because the body and the bacteria can become immune to it. In severe cases, doctors may prescribe higher dosages of antibiotics to heal the symptoms fast. But when the yeast infection comes back, it comes back with a vengeance.

The best thing to do is to approach it two-way. If you do want to cure Candidiasis and get rid of it for good, it is better to heal the surface as well as the root cause. This is where holistic treatment comes in.

When talking about the holistic way to cure Candidiasis, you should start with natural methods to both cure the symptoms as well as the root cause. One important factor is to kill the bad yeast bacteria with a good one. One such food item that is rich in good bacteria is yoghurt. You may use the yoghurt [make sure it is the plain and unsweetened one] as a topical cream, a vaginal wash or douche. You should also eat a regular helping of yoghurt each day to promote more good bacteria in your system to rid the bad ones for good.

Another readily-available item in the kitchen is apple cider vinegar. You may use it as a vaginal wash by mixing it with warm water. It relieves and relaxes while it heals the affected area.

While you are curing from the surface, you need to understand that good practices also apply. By living a healthy lifestyle and eating the right kind of foods can help you heal faster. Avoid eating sugary foods and foods that rich in carbohydrates. Maintain proper hygiene and always dry yourself thoroughly after every bath.

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