Preventing Yeast Infections

There are times that a woman feels uncomfortable down there that don't really call for anything but proper hygiene and a feminine wash. But when it comes to yeast infection, it takes a different approach- a medication, a natural cure or a holistic treatment. Preventing yeast infections from happening should be every woman's goal because 8 out of 10 women can have yeast infection.

Preventing Yeast InfectionsYeast infection can be debilitating because its symptoms really steal the attention of the woman inflicted by it. It can be itchy with burning sensation all around the affected area, to painful with uncomfortable, irritable feeling. Severe cases of yeast infections involve the above symptoms with additional redness, swollenness and even some rashes due to scratching.

It's really not a question of how clean and how careful a woman is, but it is a question of how weak or strong her immune system is during the time that there's an onset of yeast infection. It is true that prevention is better than cure, but this condition may be here today and gone tomorrow; depending on the vulnerability of the sufferer and the triggering factors she may encounter.

Women who have diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other endocrinal conditions are vulnerable to yeast infections because their immune systems are definitely low and some triggering factors may be present in the form of their medications. This makes curing the yeast infection more difficult because some medicines may counteract with antibiotics and other prescription drugs.

Some tips in preventing yeast infections

  1. Keeping yourself dry at all times seems to be an easy feat. But women who are always on the go and those who are controlling their urine can be prone to yeast infection. As a fact, the woman's vagina is a warm, moist place where bacteria and fungi can thrive. A balanced immune system with more good bacteria can survive such torture. But those with weak systems could be inflicted in no time.
  2. Proper hygiene is important all the time. Preventing yeast infections is actually a two-way approach and that is to keep the internal and external conditions of one's body in such great shape to ward off any potential health risks. You may also extend this to your laundry, especially your intimates. By washing them with antibacterial soap or antibacterial fabric conditioner, you won't only keep your clothes clean, but also bacteria-free.
  3. Keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent yeast infections from occurring. This is preventing the infection from inside and out because the food you eat can make or break your healthy eating habits, while your physical well-being can help you have a mindset towards positive goals only. With these two important practices, you can be sure that your immune system will get its boost while preventing any possible symptoms to occur on the outside.

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