Reoccurring Yeast Infections

Around 75% of the population may suffer from yeast infection. 8 out of 10 women can have this condition in their lifetime. The bad news is that reoccurring yeast infections may strike anytime and cause discomfort, pain and anxiety once again.

Reoccurring Yeast InfectionReoccurring yeast infections are also termed as chronic yeast infections. This condition can put your health at risk and may even cause other diseases such as UTI and diabetes. It is also contagious particularly if you are married or have a sexual partner. It can also cause painful intercourse if treatment is still out of the way.

Some of the common symptoms of yeast infections are itching, burning, swelling and redness on the affected areas. Topical creams and medicines are the usual prescriptions of doctors and these may not get rid of the root cause, but rather cure the symptoms from the surface only.

How to deal with reoccurring yeast infections

There is no perfect medication especially if it is the over-the-counter type. And if you're only treating from the surface, the root cause will stay there until a triggering factor comes up and cause the yeast bacteria to over-produce again. They say that reoccurrence of yeast infections usually come with a vengeance- the infection is more stubborn and harder to eliminate.

Antibiotics are said to aggravate infections more since these medicines kill both good and bad bacteria. When this happens, the body becomes weaker and more prone to diseases and infections. So in order to retain the good bacteria, medications should be replaced with naturally-occurring probiotics. You may find natural probiotics in yoghurt and you can use this treatment orally and topically.

Eating plain and unsweetened yoghurt regularly while using some of it as topical relief can improve your immune system and relieve your symptoms at the same time. Other kitchen and pantry items that can be used as topical treatments are apple cider vinegar, garlic and oregano oil. You can use these as cleansers so that the affected areas will absorb the healing properties of these kitchen ingredients.

If you've heard of the holistic and natural ways of treating diseases even before your reoccurring yeast infections, you may have had an idea on how these methods work. It is important to have a positive mindset to help you with any changes that you need to do to get rid of the yeast infection. Your eating habits and lifestyle will be highly affected because in order to improve your immune system, you need to change something. And often times, these changes bring out the best results when you top it with natural remedies.

Keeping good hygiene and healthy practices are all part of the holistic way of curing yeast infections. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy a yeast infection-free life because treatments are available and cheap, and your decision to improve your well-being rests upon you alone.

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