Thrush Infection

Who wants thrush infection? Definitely no one! They are irritating, discomforting and painful especially when severe. This condition can inflict almost 80% of the population given the ideal conditions for the thrush to grow and thrive.

So why does it inflict a patient?

Thrush InfectionFirst, you need to take a general look at diseases since they normally strike when the immune system is vulnerable. Every person's health situation may bring about certain types of diseases. In the case of thrush infections, your immune system, overall lifestyle and eating habits are all factors that can determine possible thrush outbreaks.

The natural way to treat thrush infection is to aim at the immune system while simultaneously curing the visible symptoms. Curing thrush the natural way is more favorable particularly if you are looking for safe and permanent results.

Natural treatments for thrush infection

  • Apple cider vinegar kills bad bacteria that cause thrush. You can use it as vaginal wash or as gargling solution [for oral thrush]. This relieves the itchiness, pain and burning sensation.
  • Garlic can be used as: a topical solution by applying it on the infected area and by eating it raw and chopped. Garlic is also an anti-fungal.
  • Unsweetened plain yoghurt is good for one's health especially in promoting good bacteria in the body. It helps improve the immune system by fighting the bad bacteria. It is also a good source of probiotics that help eradicate Candida albicans. It cures two ways: as treatment for symptoms [e.g. vaginal douche, cream] and as a dietary supplement [to support topical relief by eating regularly each day].
  • Tea tree oil is proven to be good for sensitive skin. It is also a good thrush infection cure. To use it, coat a tampon if you have vaginal thrush and insert it to relieve the itchiness and burning sensation in the vaginal area.

A change or enhancement plan for your diet and lifestyle can do wonders especially if you do this simultaneously with your natural treatments and regimen. Boosting your immune system is your first priority and this can be achieved by upgrading your lifestyle and diet into a healthy one starting today. You should eliminate sugars, yeast, carbs and alcohol in your diet in order for your system to adjust and improve to healthy state, thus allowing the natural treatments to efficiently and effectively work.

As for prescription medications, the symptoms are usually the only ones that are targeted; hence allowing the possibility of recurrence. For antibiotics and anti-fungal, they can cure thrush mostly from the outside. They usually relieve only the symptoms from the surface and not from within which can make a patient vulnerable to recurrences and/or harder to cure.

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