Thrush Treatment

Oral thrush or oral yeast infection is a disease in the mouth that can affect the tongue and palate as well. This condition can affect both adults and infants, and it has a white, thick, lacy appearance which grows in patches in the mouth and surrounding areas. It is caused by the yeast bacteria called Candida albicans and it grows naturally in the human body.

Scrapping off the white thrush patches will reveal red areas that are also prone to bleeding. Thrush treatment is always a must in order to prevent more problems and complications. This condition varies in form and severity per individual. Some may have the white patches, while some do not. People with endocrine diseases like diabetes are vulnerable to this disease. People with dentures are also prone to oral thrush.

Thrush TreatmentAnti-fungal thrush treatments are usually prescribed to patients who suffer this condition. Another prescription medication that is commonly used to treat thrush is antibiotics. In some cases, when there is only mild occurrence of oral thrush, patients are not given any medication as the condition may heal itself.

When visiting the doctor, the first thing he/she will do is to scrape off a sample of the white patch. The sample will be taken to a laboratory for testing and evaluation. If you have other diseases, make sure to check with your physician right away when you see a symptom in order to isolate and confirm if it is oral thrush and not a complication.

Natural methods of thrush treatment may also be used to get rid of the disease. While there are medical treatments, some people opt to use natural treatments because most of the time they cure the condition permanently. It is also important to have your oral thrush treated right away because it is a painful disease.

Some patients may tell you to eat chopped garlic to relieve the pain and to remove the excess bacteria and fungi in your mouth. Another natural thrush treatment is yoghurt which is high in probiotics or good bacteria. The good bacteria can fight the bad yeast bacteria without killing the good ones as it does its job. Eat plain and unsweetened yoghurt daily to promote probiotics while fighting off the bad bacteria in your mouth.

You must also avoid Candida-triggering foods and drinks such as those that are high in sugars, carbs and yeast. Some people also stay away from alcohol, oils and spicy foods and drinks just to make sure.

A boost of the immune system is essential to prevent recurrence and to strengthen the body's defense system against this persistent disease. It can come back any time the Candida is triggered by bad eating habits, so it is also important to do what is necessary to improve your system. Proper oral hygiene is also important so that the bad bacteria won't survive and cause more problems.

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