Treating Thrush

Why does thrush occur? Is it just caused by bad oral hygiene? Is there a tried and tested way of treating thrush?

Thrush occurs because of the yeast bacteria called Candida albicans. This is naturally-occurring in the human body and it only becomes harmful when there's over-production of this yeast. Once this happens, the body cannot fight off the excess yeast which then becomes infectious.

Treating ThrushBad oral hygiene may contribute to the aggravation of thrush, but it isn't the main reason why this condition happens. Keeping good oral hygiene can help improve oral thrush but not necessarily cure it. Even if you are brushing your teeth every after meals and flossing regularly, the over-produced yeast bacteria stays and would need a direct approach in order for it to be eliminated.

There are medical and holistic methods of treating thrush. If you have this condition, you may need to seek your doctor to have it scrapped and tested to confirm that it is what your think it is. This is important especially if you have other health problems such as diabetes, cancer or other health problems.

Infants are also prone to oral thrush due to their consumption of milk as yeast thrives on dairy and sugary environments. A change in milk brands and components may be needed to prevent more yeast production inside the baby's mouth. But for severe cases, medications may be needed or supplements that are high in probiotics to fight off the bad bacterial build up brought by Candida albicans.

Types of treating thrush

One way of treating oral thrush is medically. Although most people may experience recurrences of yeast infection, antibiotics is often sought out as a basic remedy. However, there are situations that even strong antibiotics may not prevent the yeast from coming back. There are times that when the yeast persists, it comes back with a vengeance causing more harm than before. Anti-fungal solutions can alleviate symptoms but it doesn't cure the thrush from within. This usually comes in oral solutions and often used as supplementary cure for oral thrush.

Treating thrush holistically is a favorable approach since it is safe and natural. There are two approaches that can help to totally eliminate the yeast infection. By targeting both symptoms and systematically, you can recover from oral thrush quickly and permanently.

Natural cures for oral thrush include garlic which is a natural anti-fungal. You can take chopped raw garlic to relieve the pain and burning in your mouth caused by the Candida yeast. Another natural cure is plain unsweetened yoghurt which is high in probiotics [good bacteria]. Yoghurt helps in promoting good bacteria in order to fight off the bad ones caused by the Candida.

A change in diet and lifestyle is the systematic approach to oral thrush and other yeast infections. With this approach, you can proactively increase your body's good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria. This also improves the immune system and allows it to defend the body of harmful elements such as Candida outbreaks.

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