Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal thrush is a very discomforting condition for a woman. This disease affects 8 out of 10 women and even though there are medications, recurrence can still happen within weeks or months after treatment. In fact, yeast grows and thrives on a woman's vaginal area because it is a favorable place: it is warm and moist naturally. Yeast infection happens because the human body naturally has yeast bacteria. In the event that these bacteria over-produce and/or over-react due to certain factors, infection occurs and you must seek treatment right away to prevent it from spreading on vulnerable areas.

Vaginal ThrushVaginal thrush cures that are all-natural and holistic can be found at home and in the groceries even though there are medications found over-the-counter. But medications like antibiotics are believed to only cure from the surface and aggravate the condition. It is also a possibility that antibiotics can kill the good bacteria while getting rid of the bad ones. Over-productions of natural yeast in the body can be due to weak immune system, so it is a necessity to boost it to help the body fight diseases and decrease its vulnerability.

A woman who is suffering vaginal thrush, cure is necessary to relieve not just the visible symptoms but also the root cause. A holistic approach is usually more favorable since it is considered safer and chemical-free. In this case, a woman may consider symptomatic and systemic approaches in order to get rid of the yeast bacteria permanently.

Symptoms include itching and burning of the vaginal area, fishy smell, swelling of the vulva, painful intercourse, and yellow/white vaginal discharge. It is better to cure this condition at the onset to prevent it from being a health hazard in the long run. Untreated and prolonging the infection can weaken the immune system and it can allow other diseases or complications to occur.

Curing vaginal thrush naturally

Relieving the symptoms naturally by using non-chemical products such as herbal remedies can be your first line of defense against thrush. You may use apple cider vinegar and yoghurt as vaginal cleansers, garlic clove and tea tree oil as add-on for tampon, or GSE [gape seed extract] as vaginal wash to relieve the symptoms topically.

A change of lifestyle and eating habits are also essential so that your body's immune system will be strong and will be able to fight diseases. Avoid foods that can trigger over-production of yeast such as sugary and sweet foods, those that are rich in carbohydrates and yeast, and even alcoholic drinks and dairy products.

Always keep your vaginal area clean and dry especially after showering or swimming to prevent the re-production and recurrence of yeast infection. Untreated yeast infections can pose threat to your health. It may cause other diseases such as IBS, constipation, skin problems, acne and many others.

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