Yeast Cure

Yeast cures can either be holistic or medicated. And if you go for the holistic cure, it usually involves two approaches so you'll be able to get long-lasting relief from yeast infection. Looking at prescription medications for yeast infection, there could be side-effects and short-term relief that goes with it. If you are looking for ways to cure your yeast infection, you should always have initial diagnosis to determine an effective cure or approach to your infection.

Yeast CureMost sufferers go for holistic cure because there is always a notion that it is safer and it offers more permanent results compared to prescription drugs. Yeast infection should be treated right at the root cause since it is the best target to eliminate the symptoms and the disease.

Prescription yeast cures are mostly antibiotics and anti-fungal. They do work but only for a short period of time and they can be more persistent and difficult to treat the next time they attack. If your yeast infection is severe, it is often advised by doctors to take more potent antibiotics to fight off the bacteria. However, this also affects the good bacteria because the antibiotics will kill them too; thus, making the immune system more vulnerable.

The holistic yeast cure has a different approach. By treating the symptoms with natural cures, the patient should also change his/her lifestyle and diet.

Holistic and all-natural yeast cures

Dietary and lifestyle changes are necessary to help boost the immune system to fight off bad elements while curing the body at the same time. Fighting the bad elements that cause infection requires a boost in the immune system to also improve your overall well being. Stay away from food and drinks that are rich in carbs, yeast and sugars. Maintaining proper hygiene and healthy lifestyle are vital factors to improve your body internally and externally.

Natural yeast infection cures can be found in your kitchen pantry or in a grocery. These are practical, cheaper and safer treatments compared to chemical-based drugs.

Garlic can be used as a dietary supplement or as topical relief for yeast infection symptoms. It is also an anti-fungal solution.

GSE/Grapefruit seed extract is a natural anti-bacterial solution as well. You may use it as vaginal wash or in washing clothes to remove the bacteria.

Probiotics kill bad bacteria without harming the good ones that are naturally-occurring in the human body. Eating plain, unsweetened yoghurt everyday helps fight the bad bacteria and promotes good bacteria that can, in turn, improve the immune system. You may use it as vaginal wash or topical cream to alleviate the symptoms.

Apple cider vinegar may be used to cleanse the infected area. Use it regularly to get rid of the itching and burning.

Oregano oil is similar to garlic. It is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment.

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