Yeast Infection Cure Fast

If you are looking for ways to improve the condition of your yeast infection, it is important that you look into natural remedies that can help you achieve a permanent solution. However, we often tend to go to the doctor first for a medical opinion when there's something wrong or uncomfortable that our bodies cannot bear. But when thinking about yeast infection cure, fast relief and permanent solutions are essential to prevent it from recurring.

Yeast Infection Cure FastThere are many over-the-counter medicines like topical creams, tablets and antibiotics that can provide temporary relief to yeast infection. But most of the time they only mask the surface or external symptoms and not the root cause/s. There have been cases that antibiotics may even aggravate the infection because it kills both bad and good bacteria in the body. When good bacteria are outnumbered, the immune system will find it difficult to fight off the bad ones. In the case of yeast infection, the bacteria causing the infection [Candida] wins over the good bacteria; and when the body cannot get rid of it, this condition can become hazardous to the health.

The problem with yeast infection is that it can return and sometimes with a vengeance. In women, 8 out of 10 may be inflicted with vaginal yeast infection and some of them may suffer recurring conditions that require continuous and aggressive medications. However, yeast infection cure, fast and permanent reliefs should be looked over in order to get rid of it once and for all.

But most women are not aware of the natural and homeopathic treatments that some women have found and applied. Medications and chemical-based cures are often always the first line of solutions. But if you'll only look in your kitchen or in your pantry, you may find the cheapest and yet effective methods of yeast infection cure; fast and effective within hours.

Yeast infection cure: fast solutions within reach

There are a few common kitchen items that you can use to get fast relief from yeast infection.

First is plain yoghurt which contains good bacteria. You may use this as vaginal douche or as is and then rinse it with water.

Another is tea tree oil application via tampon. You can use a lubricated tampon and then applying a good amount of tea tree oil before inserting it into the vagina. Use this method when going to bed in order for the infected area to absorb the oil properly.

Peeled whole garlic clove can also be used as a treating tampon by wrapping it in cheese cloth and inserting it into the vagina. The infected area will be relieved within hours of treatment. If your yeast infection is severe, you should be careful of the added burning sensation that is caused by the garlic.

Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice is an internal approach to getting rid of the Candida toxins from your body. This is a supplemental way of increasing your body's defenses against the harmful yeast bacteria while applying other methods. Same goes for drinking Yakult- a beverage that promotes more good bacteria in the body.

Other practical means is keeping your body and infected area dry all the time. The vaginal area is a favorable breeding ground for the yeast bacteria because it is a moist and warm area. Always dry your body thoroughly after showering or swimming to prevent the infection from spreading or recurring.

If you are looking for yeast infection cure that's fast, the 12 Hour Cure For Yeast Infection can help you. It is not a medication nor an over-the-counter product, but an e-book that offers custom-made solutions for case-to-case yeast infection problems.