Yeast Infection Home Cure

People with yeast infection always have this trouble of recurrences even after applying or using medications. Some people, women in particular, believe that in order to totally get rid of yeast infection you have to continuously apply medication or at least some yeast infection home cure. Some may believe that continuous medication is the real answer, while some believe the home cure or the holistic way is the best option. Of course you need to consider the cost of going to the doctor as well as the prescription medicines, not to mention the time you need to continually heal from this condition.

Using remedies from your pantry

Yeast Infection Home CureWith yeast infection home cures, you'll find an array of food and non-food products that are safer rather than using chemical-based medications. Many women may agree on using non-chemical stuff when it comes to their private parts simply because it is a sensitive area of their bodies. However, yeast infection can affect almost 80% of women because yeast exists in humans and it is triggered by certain factors which makes it over-react and over-produce.

Garlic, by nature, has many medicinal properties. It is said to be a good natural remedy for lowering blood pressure, aside from the fact that it is a flavorful ingredient. In this case, if you're a woman, you may use garlic as a tampon for your vaginal yeast infection. By wrapping a peeled clove in cheese cloth and tying it with un-waxed dental floss, you have your home-made garlic tampon that you can insert and leave for hours. This is advisable to do if you are at home and overnight. If you find this iffy, there are other pantry items that you can use to relieve your yeast infection.

Another yeast infection home cure is yoghurt. This product is made of skim milk and contains the good bacteria Lactobacillus Acidophilus. These good bacteria are present in healthy vagina and it also kills the bad ones such as yeast infections by producing hydrogen peroxide. You can use yoghurt by applying it directly to the vaginal area or as a vaginal douche. Make sure to use the unsweetened or unflavored variety because sugar aggravates yeast infection more.

Tea tree oil is said to be another effective yeast infection home cure. It is widely-available in most natural food shops. You can use tea tree oil by coating half of a tampon first with lubricant such as olive oil or K.Y. jelly- the lubricant prevents the tampon from absorbing the tea tree oil. Then put a few drops of the tea tree oil and insert it into the vagina.

Apple cider vinegar can be used as a vaginal wash and it is a great temporary, relaxing relief from yeast infection. Mix a cup of apple cider vinegar in warm water and use it to wash your vaginal area.

Although these out-of-the-pantry remedies are highly available and provide great relief, it is still best to use particular treatments and practices that can help you get rid of your yeast infection permanently. One of the few treatments that can truly get rid of this condition for good is the 12 Hour Cure For Yeast Infection. This is an e-book that is chocked-full of custom-made information and treatment to help people like you get fast and permanent relief from yeast infection.