Yeast Treatment

There are two basic types of yeast treatment: natural and medicated. If you believe that natural treatment is more effective, you'll be amazed on how many sufferers enjoy long-lasting relief from yeast infection using natural and holistic treatments. With prescription drugs, there are possibilities of side-effects and the temporary relief that these drugs offer. An initial diagnosis to evaluate your condition is essential especially if you have other health problems.

Yeast TreatmentPeople who suffer yeast infection and experienced the short-term reliefs of prescription drugs may opt for natural and holistic yeast treatment because it is safer and it provides more permanent effects. Yeast infection should be naturally treated in two ways: treating the symptoms externally and treating the root cause within the body.

Antibiotics and anti-fungal treatments can cure, but they're only temporarily effective. Once there's another over-production of yeast, the infection can be more difficult to treat. For severe cases, stronger antibiotics are prescribed to kill the bad bacteria. But this also harms the good bacteria, thus affecting the immune system and causes it to become weaker than before.

A natural and holistic way of yeast treatment starts with the control of symptoms by treating them from the outside. Treating yeast infection symptoms using natural means can be coupled up with a change in lifestyle and eating habits to improve one's immune system and well-being.

Natural yeast treatments

The need for changing one's eating habits allow more good bacteria to grow in order to get rid of the bad ones. Eventually, when this happens, the body can defend itself from harmful elements such as bacteria and diseases.

Finding natural treatments for yeast infection is not difficult since most of the common treatments are readily-available in supermarkets. Most of these common treatments work two ways to allow better treatment and prolonged effectiveness. As compared to prescription drugs, natural treatments can work better with time and practice.

Garlic is a flavorful ingredient that has medicinal properties. It can be used as dietary supplement or topical rub for yeast infection symptoms. It is also considered as a natural anti-fungal solution.

Grapefruit seed extract is a natural anti-bacterial solution. It can be used as vaginal cleanser or as an anti-bacterial solution for washing clothes.

Good bacteria or probiotics can kill bad bacteria without harming the good ones. By eating plain, unsweetened yoghurt regularly, you are allowing your system to improve by introducing more probiotics in your body. You may also use yoghurt as vaginal cleanser or topical cream to relieve symptoms.

Apple cider vinegar is acidic and contains natural elements that can help fight the yeast build-up and infection. Use it to cleanse the infected area regularly to get rid of the itching and burning.

Oregano oil works like garlic since it is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial treatment.

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